Friday Firefly Finds For Him

I know, I know, you don’t want to talk about Christmas. It’s insane that stores are already hanging decorations, before Halloween has even arrived. But, think about what brick-and-mortar stores are up against. Competition from online retailers is fierce, and their presence continues to grow. People who hate to shop love the online option.

The only catch is timing. Even after hiring thousands of seasonal workers, Amazon had problems keeping up with demand last year. There was a real possibility that gifts would not be delivered by the big day. If you want to shop online for the holidays, you’ve got to think ahead.

Sometimes, it’s hard to get ideas. I think it is especially hard to shop for men. I’m not sure if it is because I’m not one. I suspect that it is because most men don’t know what they want, either.

Here are some ideas that I’ve come up with, that are tried and true – for the guy who hasn’t a clue as to what he wants for Christmas.

Click on the photos for links. All are under $ 100.00!

iconClassic cuff links and studs in silver.  $ 95.00, free shipping from Nordstrom.

A robe is sometimes a necessity, especially at the holidays! Polo Ralph Lauren is a good quality choice that he’ll enjoy.  $90.00, free shipping from Nordstrom.


iconA wool blend throw is a great gift idea. This one has whip-stitched edging detail, and comes in a neutral color, so that if it happens to fall on the floor or get balled up on a chair, you won’t mind so much.  $ 49.95 from Plow and Hearth.

Something special at a great price! An insulated bag with his college featured (see schools available by clicking on photo). $ 32.95 from Plow and Hearth.



The classic belt is always a gift winner. This one is a good quality pick from Johnston & Murphy.  It is available in black and chestnut.

Belt size is two inches more than pant waist size, so order up. For example, if waist size is 34 inches, belt size is 36 inches.

$ 49.50, free shipping from Nordstrom.


I’ve purchased my fair share of slippers for men, over the years. They all have their preferences, but these Minnetonka deerskin mocs are a favorite because of the soft sole.

$ 87.95, free shipping from Nordstrom.

To go with those slippers and wool throw, how about some bestsellers?

This story is fast-paced, and one he’ll enjoy on those cold nights by the fire. Plenty of suspense, a bit of romance, and vivid characters make it a winner.  $ 12.42 from Amazon.

This novel is something special. It brings to mind Ray Bradbury’s classic, Dandelion Wine. The story follows two brothers as they unravel the secrets of their small town and its inhabitants.  Murder, humor, mental illness, prejudice, and domestic violence all make their way into this moving tale.  It’s a book you both can share!  $ 8.80 from Amazon.

Now, for a bit of brain food with a side of humor, give him the seminal work by Nobel Prize recipient Richard H. Thaler. In this book, Thaler explores the irrational choices people make, how those irrational choices can be predicted, and how to use that understanding to make better decisions, both at home and on the world stage.  $ 15.25 from Amazon.

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