sugar maple

Six On Saturday 10-14-17

The garden isn’t producing much color right now, at least not anything new since last week. I’ve been walking around, observing the little things. It is fun to start dreaming about next year. Here are some of my observations. For more from other gardeners, visit The Propagator.


garden stepstone mosaic
This stepping stone hides a drainpipe cover. It was easy to make using a form, ready-mix concrete, and sea glass.


This little guy has his Halloween colors on. (woollybear caterpillar, Pyrrharctia isabella )



Blue fire jar and yellow marigolds
Blue fire jar and yellow marigolds look great together. I love this color combination.


paving brick
We used reclaimed brick for a small parking spot. I never took the time to notice the cool imprints, until today!


Orange and green, another classic, contrasting pair of colors that draws the eye. One of these pumpkins is faux. Can you tell which one?


sugar maple
Grown from a tiny seedling, this maple has come into it’s own this season.


Even if you think there isn’t much to look at out there, grab your camera and head out. You’ll be surprised by what you find, and might otherwise have missed.

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  1. HI there Joan, guessing for a 2nd time tonight my log in to WordPress has lost my comment (if this is a 2nd comment please delete it). I’ve enjoyed seeing your autumn tones and particularly like the caterpillar shot, nice! A brilliant set of images. I’ll take a guess that the smaller pumpkin is the faux?

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  2. The caterpillar made me laugh – such a tiny thing taking the trouble to look so fabulous. So much colour in your garden, and as I love mosaics I am intrigued by your manhole cover. Can you tell us more about how you did it next time please ?

    Liked by 1 person

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