Friday Firefly* Finds

Some of A.JoAnn’s favorites, for you, or for someone you REALLY like 😊


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel™ “Cabernet with Bae” No. 492 is the perfect fall color. It’s a deep, dark burgundy that looks good on all skin tones. In my opinion, the color on the Target website looks nothing like the real thing! To get that shiny salon finish, don’t forget the Step 2 Top Coat No.101.


Love the jeans with embellishments like pearl cuffs.

Pearl embellishments are popping up on collars, shoes, slippers, and sleeves, too.

Check out Zara for some really pretty finds.

Or, if you are handy, sew some pearls on and make a fashion statement!

You don’t want to go overboard with the embellishments. One piece at a time! These slip-ons are perfect for everyday.


Neck ties, bows, ruffles, short sleeves, sleeveless, it’s all going on for fall.  Florals are so pretty in deeper colors. Am I the only one who is always warm?


If you are into sleeves, this is your year! Balloons, bells, bare shoulders, ties at the elbow or wrist.


I’ve been seeing a lot of embellished booties. The clip on jewelry gives you the option to go bling, or not. These were my grandma’s clip-on earrings! Seems appropriate for the granny boots.

Backpacks are everywhere! This one is kind of expensive, but I do like a quality bag. Once you get used to it, it’s hard to go back to what they now call “PU leather.”  (PU is right!) (click on the photo to see details).

*Okay, now I’ll tell you the secret of the asterisk.* “Firefly” is my code word for “over fifty.” Not fifty dollars; I am talking about birthdays!  Even after a half a century, I still like to try new things.  Are you with me?

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