Radish, Marinated

Radishes are some of the prettiest vegetables. Remember that radish roses that used to adorn crudité trays, back in the day? They were so tempting to eat; and, then, came the disappointment. Either the radish was bland, or it was too hot. It just never lived up to the pretty presentation.radish

It seems, from looking at cooking magazines, that radishes have come back into vogue. Especially thin sliced coins of radish atop a green salad. They are purported to have many health benefits.They are easy to grow, and last well in the fridge.

Pondering what to do with our radishes, I decided to try a marinade. I think it’s a winner!

The difference between marinating and pickling has to do with time. Marinating is for changing the taste and/or texture of a food, while pickling is to preserve it.


Marinated Radishes


10 radishes, washed and trimmed

1 tsp. sea salt

1 tsp. finely ground pepper

1 tsp. demerara sugar

1/2 tsp. dried dill weed

1 tsp. dried garlic

3 T. olive oil

3 T. apple cider vinegar


Use a non-reactive bowl (ceramic, glass, etc.). Slice radishes as thin as possible into the bowl. If you are using a Salad Shooter, load them into the tube so that the machine slices them horizontally.

20170926_102233 (1)


In a cup, measure the remaining ingredients and whisk until blended. Pour over radishes. 20170926_102907

Refrigerate several hours. Serve as a side condiment, or on salad.

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A few years ago, my trusty old Salad Shooter broke. It was premarital property, so we are talking about perhaps 30 years of service. I didn’t think I’d find another. Eureka! Amazon had one. So, I ordered it straight away.

It isn’t a daily use appliance, but it serves me well for grating carrots, zucchini, and hard cheeses. I use it at Christmas for scalloped potatoes. Today, it served to thinly slice the radishes. You could use a mandolin, or slice by hand. I just find the Salad Shooter much easier. All of the parts are machine washable, which makes it even more convenient.  

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