Hershey, PA: The Children’s Garden, and More, at Hershey Gardens


Hershey, PA really is a town for all ages; and Hershey Gardens is definitely a place for the whole family to enjoy. The gardens include tree specimens, grasses, other perennials, herbs, seasonal display gardens, a children’s garden, and butterfly house.  There are picnic facilities, too, west of the rose garden.

It was fun seeing how excited kids got when the chocolate kiss fountain starting spewing steam.

Chocolate kiss steam fountains
Chocolate kiss steam fountains


The children’s garden also includes plantings for each letter of the alphabet.

Quaking grass
“Q” is for Quaking grass


ornamental peppers
“P” is for peppers. Ornamental peppers


Verbena Obsession cotton candy
Who could resist a plant called “Cotton Candy?”


There is a peaceful spot with a bridge, toadstools, and willows, dedicated to Kenneth Grahame’s Wind in the Willows.

toad stools
A verdant resting spot among the willows


The hoop house includes a pond with goldfish, and displays about growing veggies.

The hoop house is bright with primary colors.
The hoop house is bright with primary colors.


Goldfish in the pond
Goldfish in the pond


growing veggies in the children's garden
Bright trellises for veggies


Once you’ve finished touring the rose garden and children’s garden, there is still a lot to see.

A seasonal garden display


Another seasonal display
Another seasonal display


Dwarf morning glory "Blue My Mind"
Dwarf morning glory “Blue My Mind”


Salvia "Black and Bloom"
Salvia “Black and Bloom”


Fall blooming anemone
Fall blooming anemone

The paved pathway through Hershey Gardens is about a mile long; but, no doubt, you’ll be taking detours here and there, adding to your daily steps! Can you think of a better way to exercise your mind and body?!

Elephant ear plant, Colocasia gigantea
Elephant ear plant, Colocasia gigantea

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