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Google Dodos, Unite! How to Get to Your Google Drive

The culture of tech can be hard to take for people who are still learning. As a former educator, I spent many professional development and personal hours learning technology applications for the classroom.

Here are some of my observations:

  • The technology field is dominated by men, and as a woman, I was largely ignored. It seemed like a club that didn’t include everyone; and a club that was just fine with the status quo.
  •  The technology culture made people who were trying to learn tech uncomfortable and afraid to ask questions. They suffered in silence and ignorance. Then, they gave up.

Two recent events made me realize that there is still a need for some very basic tech information out there. The first was a friend’s statement that she was a “Google Dodo” – admitting she had no clue as to how to get to her drive, and how to see documents that had been shared with her.  Most people aren’t brave enough to put themselves out there like she did.

The second was listening to an attorney declare that she needed an iPad Pro because it would allow her to make folders and organize her electronic documents. What?? Someone had made a good pitch to her!

So, with that, I decided to do write some posts on very basic Google apps. If this information is too simplistic for you, perhaps you could pass it along to someone who needs it. Believe me, they are out there.

Why Create a Gmail Account?

In order to access all that Google has to offer, you need to create a Gmail account. This doesn’t mean that you have to use the account for your email, you just need to create one.

Once you have created your account, you are free to explore all of the Google apps. I use Drive, Docs, Maps, Photos, and Mail most frequently.

How to Create a GMail Account                

Let’s begin at the beginning. Here is a Google search page:

Google Search screen
Google Search screen

At the top, right hand side of the screen, you see:

graphic of Gmail tool bar

Click on “Gmail.”

Click on the drop down that says “more.” Then, click “create an account.” Fill out the info, and write down your username and password.

Now, you’re ready to explore Google Apps.


Create a Google Doc in Google Drive

Go back to those dots in the upper right corner and click. Find the “Drive” app in the middle of the list. Your Google Drive will open.

image of Google apps list 1

On the left side of the screen, you’ll see a “New” button.

Image of Google drive options


When you click it, it shows programs.

Image of Google Docs option


“Google Docs” will give you document templates.


Open a blank document and type something.

Image of new Google Doc

On the top left, it will say, “Untitled.” Click on this, then give your Doc a title.

Image of Doc Home Menu

In the toolbar beneath your title, to the far right, you will notice the words “Saving…” or “All changes saved in Drive.”  Google Drive automatically saves your work.

When you are finished and “All changes saved in Drive.” shows at the top of the page, you can close out of the tab. Or, if you want to go back to your main Drive page, click on the blue Home button to the left of your Doc title.

Image of Google Doc Home Button
Big blue Google Doc home button

This takes you to the Docs templates. To go back to your drive, click on the square of little dots on the right side of the screen.

Image of Apps button


You should now be back at your Drive page. You should see the Doc you were just working on, at the top of your Drive page.

Image of My Drive

Congratulations! You’ve just created your first Google Doc and saved it in your Google Drive!

You can now sign out of your Google account by clicking on the initial button at the top right.

Image of Drive Identity

Or, you can just close the tab and you will automatically continue to be logged in. Just be aware that anyone using the computer can open your Google account unless you log out.


I hope this post has helped you on your way to becoming a Google pro! Stayed tuned for more tips to maximize your Google account.


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  1. Thank you. I didn’t know I could do this on my phone and tablet! So excited now that I don’t need to wait until I get home to write notes or papers.


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