Use Photos To Tell Your Story On Social Media

Yesterday, I posted a photo on Instagram. It is the featured photo on this post. Within minutes, I had a score of likes and new followers.

As I sat down to write today, I was wondering why this photo resonates with so many people on social media. I have posted other photos that are, technically and artistically, of higher quality. What made this photo special?

I started to think about why I had taken the picture. After all, this was not a “blog” meal in that I had no intention of cooking for the blog, just for the family.

I was dog-tired, in fact, when we sat down to eat; but, as I looked across the table at the sunshine and peonies, I noticed how lovely the grilled meal looked with the simple green salad and the tall, stemmed glass of rosé. So, I snapped the picture.

What drew me to capture this scene is probably what makes it appealing.

It reflects that golden, late spring moment when the garden is still young, the lawn is still green, the sun is shining, and the food is fresh and light. The wine glass is a beautiful, frilled crystal that I happened upon over the weekend. The rosé looks perfect in it, especially as condensation formed on the glass.

And, there is more to it. Most of my photos cut out the extraneous details.

easy veggies
Focusing on the veggies.

My thinking is that the focus should be on one thing. If that focus is food, just show the food. Perhaps, by including part of our deck, outdoor furniture, and yard, I was letting my followers have a peek at our life. I was putting things in context.

shrimp&asparagus on the barbie
shrimp & asparagus on the barbie

It is context that brings understanding; and, understanding brings identification. As artists, that is precisely what we want to do. We want our fellow human beings to identify.  (By the way, we are all artists – whether you draw, paint, build, write, photograph, design, dance, speak.)

Am I reading too much into it? Is it just that it’s a pretty picture? What do you think?


As an aside: the shrimp and pasta are mixed with the seasonings from the post, “Easy Veggies for Everyday.” The asparagus was washed and wrapped in foil and grilled with the shrimp.

© 2017 See Legalese page for permissions.



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