Did You Know That Herbal Tea Is Not Tea?

In My Cousin Rachel, Daphne DuMaurier references tisane ( pronounced ti-zan). I thought that this was so elegant; it’s what got me started drinking herbal tea.teapot

Now, I know that herbal tea is not tea at all. It is an infusion of dried herbs and, sometimes, fruit and/or berries. Most tisane in the U.S. has a sour taste, in my opinion. I was following the herd by drinking it. It became a habit rather than a pleasure.

At some point, you reach an age when following the herd seems silly. I think it may be at when that moment you realize that you are more than half-way down the road! I went back to a) regular tea, and b) tisane that was not sour.teatowel

On the eve of the release of the new film adaptation of DuMaureir’s novel, it’s appropriate to revisit tisanes that are actually tasty. I’ve also thrown in some flavored teas that are nice; these do contain caffeine. Please chime in if you have a recommendation!

Note: These are not affiliates.

Tisanes (herbal “teas”)

Egyptian Licorice (Yogi Tea) is yummy. It is especially soothing when I’m not feeling so well.


Egyptian Licorice Mint (Yogi Tea) adds mint, complimenting the licorice and enhancing both.lemon

I Love Lemon (Bigelow) is a bit sour, but the lemon is awesome! It’s also got lots of vitamin C.

Lemon and Ginger (Twinings) is a lemon that doesn’t taste sour, due to the addition of stomach-soothing ginger.teabag

Mint Medley (Bigelow) has the bright flavor that is enjoyable when I have a dry throat, and in the summer!



Flavored Teas

I don’t mind caffeine, but if you do, be careful about flavored teas. Many contain caffeine. People are sometimes misled by the added flavorings into thinking they are drinking herbal infusions.teatin

Hot Cinnamon Spice (Harney & Sons) is, by far, my favorite flavored tea. Ultra spicy, sweet with cinnamon, and it still tastes like tea. It is also great iced!

Chai Green Tea (Yogi Tea) has a fabulous aroma.  I’m not a huge fan of green tea, but I do love Chai!

Constant Comment (Bigelow) is the classic flavored tea. There’s a reason why…

I hope that these recommendations are helpful to you. Please leave a comment and let’s get more suggestions!teacup2

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