Lunchtime Therapy: Biking the Trail

It is the first and last bike ride of the season that leave the biggest impression. I was biking in December last year, which would have been unthinkable twenty years ago. Even without snow, it would have been too cold.

We had a really spectacular spring this year, though now as we approach the launch of summer, the rain just keeps coming. In between these downpours, we’ve had some sparkling blue skies. The wildflowers are loving the weather. Let’s ride!​


Checking out some wildflowers. Can you identify these? Click on the photo to see if you are right!



2017-05-10 22.05.24


2017-05-23 20.58.36


2017-05-10 22.04.01


2017-05-23 21.03.19


So glad you could come along for the ride!

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