Smoothie With a Kick!

Okay, a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my basic smoothie recipe.

This morning, I stumbled upon a variation that adds to the repertoire.  Specifically, I used my leftover coffee to come up with a “smoothie with a kick.”

It started with my inability to throw out food. It’s baggage from my childhood (which has added another kind of baggage, incidentally). I was looking at my cold cup of coffee with coconut creamer.Photo May 04, 9 34 20 AM

I love coffee and have been drinking it in some form since I was three years old — not unusual in an ethnic household like my grandmother’s.  Lately, although I mentally want a second cup, physically it doesn’t work.

I was thinking about making a smoothie as Act Two. Suddenly, it came to me that maybe I could use the coffee with a frozen banana and some coconut milk I had in the fridge. That sounded pretty good. You know what? It tasted good, too; and I didn’t get an upset stomach from that second cup because it was mixed with fruit and coconut milk. Here’s the recipe:


1 cup coffee

1 frozen banana

1/4 c. coconut milk solid (you get a separation of liquid and solid when you refrigerate a can of coconut milk)

1 scoop cocoa-flavored super greens powder

1 tsp. chia seedsPhoto May 04, 9 40 14 AM

A few tweaks for the future:

  • Freeze the coconut milk solid, because I like my smoothies to be the consistency of milkshakes.
  • Try adding some fresh greens.

I love my little power blender. It is always clean and ready for the next smoothie adventure. Something worth noting: you need to clean under the rubber gasket that seals the space between the blending cup and the blade. Otherwise, you start growing some gross stuff under that rubber ring.Photo May 04, 9 44 25 AM

Use a sharp-tipped knife to pry out the ring (being careful not to rip or poke the rubber). Wash the blade attachment and ring in warm, soapy water. Dry the ring and blade attachment, and then push it back into place. No more weird smells or tastes, just pure smoothie heaven.

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