The Spice Drawer

When you remodel a kitchen, the possibilties for reorganization seem endless. Yet, there are limitations on what you can do. Budget, space, and functionality all come into play.

Any remodel is more complicated than it first appears, so we took some time to think about the kitchen features that inconvenienced us the most. Except for the location of the refridgerator, the kitchen functioned fairly well. We could use more cupboard space (who couldn’t?), but, all-in-all, it was a good footprint.

One small annoyance was our spice storage. As many people do, we used the lazy Susan cupboard to store our spices.

spice jar
Dried herbs, and spices, add zest to life!

This meant bending down into a dark base cupboard and moving a hundred bottles to find the oregano. I have more patience for this than my husband, but honestly, how many hours of my life had I wasted searching for a little spice?

When our new cupboards were installed, we gained a large, shallow drawer under the biggest countertop in the kitchen. We thought about how to organize our kitchen gear and assumed this drawer would be for cooking utensils. Then, “ding!” I had an idea. What if we used this long drawer for our spices?

At first, it took some shuffling to get all of the jars in, and to keep them from rolling around.  Once everything was in the drawer, though, the spice jars held themselves in place.

There they are. Let’s get spicy!

It is a pleasure now to reach for a spice while prepping a dish. It’s also easy to clean the drawer with a vacuum attachment because I can see what I’m doing.

spices & prep
All within easy reach.

This means the drawer gets cleaned a lot more often than that dark base cupboard ever did.

What became of the kitchen utensils that we used to store in a large drawer? utensils

We thought about what we actually used, and put the remainder in the basement for those rare occassions when they are needed. The everyday utensils are in a smaller drawer that is the same size as the silverware drawer.

And all is right with the world.

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  1. My Dad built this ingenius little rack that is on the back of a closet door that is now their pantry. I’m still dealing with the deep dark cupboard. Maybe in my next kitchen:)


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