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Google Docs for Google Dorks: Why Create a Gmail Account?

Wow! Today’s news reported that a high-level employee of Google opined in a memo that women are biologically unsuited to work in the tech industry.

Unfortunately, I’m not surprised by this attitude. As a former educator, I spent numerous professional development hours, and my own time, learning tech applications to apply in the classroom.

Here are observations from my experience:

  • Tech events are largely attended by and presented by men; as a woman, I was mostly ignored.
  • Tech people enjoy their “club,” and want it to remain exclusive. There is little motivation to explain the basics to others.
  • Most people who are not “techies” are intimidated by this attitude.

I suppose that my observations will open me up to criticism. Oh, well!

Two events lead me to write today’s post. One was the pronouncement by a friend that she was a “Google Dork” because she didn’t know how to access Google Drive, make a Google Doc, or read Docs shared to her Drive. Many people aren’t brave enough to ask for help. She was.

The second was the statement by another friend that she needed an iPad Pro to create files and organize her electronic documents. What??? She had been sold a bill of goods, based on her lack of tech knowledge.

So, I offer a very basic series aimed at making Google apps accessible to everyone.  If you are in need of some basic instruction, here you go!

Google Apps for Free

In order to access all of the free* stuff Google has to offer, you need to create a Gmail account. This doesn’t mean that you have to use the account for your email, you just need to create one.

Once you have created your account, you can explore all of the Google apps, like Drive, Docs, Maps, Photos, and YouTube.

*Free in that you do not pay in currency. You do, however, accept Google’s terms of use!

How to Create a Gmail Account                

Let’s begin at the beginning. Here is a Google search page:    

Google Search screen
Google Search screen


At the top, right hand side of the screen, you see:

graphic of Gmail tool bar

Click on “Gmail.”

Click on the drop down that says “more.” Then, click “create an account.” Fill out the info, and write down your username and password.


Now, you’re ready to explore Google Apps.

Create Your First Google Doc

Go back to those dots in the upper right corner and click. Find the “Drive” app in the middle of the list. Your Google Drive will open.

image of Google apps list 1

On the left side of the screen, you’ll see a “New” button. When you click it, it shows programs. 

Image of Google drive options



“Google Docs” will give you document templates.

Image of Google Docs option


Open a blank document and type something.

Image of new Google Doc

On the top left, it will say, “Untitled.” Click on this, then give your Doc a title.

In the toolbar beneath your title, to the far right, you will notice the words “Saving…” or “All changes saved in Drive.”  Google Drive automatically saves your work.

When you are finished and “All changes saved in Drive.” shows at the top of the page, you can close out of the tab. Or, if you want to go back to your main Drive page, click on the blue Docs Home button on the far left top of the screen, and then the dots on the right top of that page.

Image of Doc Home Menu

Image of Apps button

You should now be back at your Drive page. You should see the Doc you were just working on, at the top of your Drive page.

Image of My Drive

Congratulations! You’ve just created your first Google Doc and saved it in your Google Drive!

You can now sign out of your Google account by clicking on the intial button at the top right. Then, choose “log out.”

Image of Drive Identity

Or, you can just close the tab and you will automatically continue to be logged in. Just be aware that anyone using the computer can open your Google account unless you log out.

I hope this post has helped you on your way to becoming a Google pro! Stayed tuned for more tips to maximize your Google account.

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